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Custom Orders

We can custom make a unique piece just for you or take most items found on our web site to custom make just for you.  This can include size, color, type of materials used, and other modifications that you desire.  Please Email us to discuss your wants and needs.  We can also create multiples of an item for some special purpose such as wedding jewelry for your bridal party, a special gift because you love something so much you want two.   With some exceptions, most items can be done in multiples that are identical or similar, i.e., one earring design with three different colored beads. 


If your custom order is just a few pieces, we can generally complete them within two to three days of payment.  However, custom orders of four or more items could incur a longer delay of four to six days before shipping.  Please note, however, that all custom orders are ineligible for an exchange or refund.  This, of course, does not apply to an item that arrives damaged in shipping.

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